WP Amazillionaire Theme Jumps Right Out

A WordPress theme that helps the creator put together Amazon affiliate sites with SEO integration.  It allows the owner to post Amazon products straight from Amazon to the users site.  According to the WordPress author of WP Amazillionaire, the theme allows you to quickly convert your site into a review site.  The theme layout and color scheme can be controlled through the WordPress theme.

WP Amazillionaire is the WordPress theme used by http://www.jumpingshoes.net/ to show case their low impact, activity for weight loss and muscle training jumping shoes.  According to Amazon.com these shoes have 31 five star reviews with no one star reviews.

Many of the reviews claim that the Kangoo jumping shoes are an intense workout and a blast to wear at the same time.  Other reviews claim that the Kangoo shoes are a great low-impact workout another reviewer claims that it even eased back pain that they had suffered from.  WP Amazillionaire makes this site look great as it displays these amazing shoes.