Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve delivers a simplistic design with features and code that can be easily navigated. Compare the Twenty Twelve to this custom design View Theme…

Popcentric image

Canvas Theme

The WooThemes flagship WordPress theme is the Canvas.  Easily customizable through the options panel, this theme allows you to modify the design as in this case with this site,, whose tagline is “Brandable Domain Names that Pop!”

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Rocco WordPress Theme

Available here, the Rocco theme was developed by the MuffinGroup.  According to their sales page the theme is a “perfect choice for everyone”. This business uses the Rooco theme to promote their corporate event photography.

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designer bikini

Swagger WP Theme

Built on the WooCommerce platform, the Swagger WordPress theme is designed to sell high end goods and services similar to this designer bikini site.  Top reviews of the theme state that the design creates the feel of a beautiful online store.

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