Twenty Twelve Classic WordPress Theme Used For Review Blog

Looking great on any device the fully responsive WordPress theme 2012 makes this reviews site standout.  The outstanding features of this theme include an optional display font, optional no-sidebar look, styling for post formats and a widget rich front page template.  Easily create custom menus, background and header images to suit your style or design.

Some of the top reviews of this theme claim that it is by far one of the best themes ever used due to how easy it is to customize and how well the code is organized.  Another five star review points out the minimalistic design and the white background makes it versatile when using for such sites as a personal blog, landing page or even a lead generation site.

The webmaster of also enjoys the flexible design of Twenty Twelve, using the clean look to post the trusted phen375 reviews to his blog.  The simple theme makes it easy to run this capsiplex reviews site efficiently, giving the user the best possible experience.  Due to it’s ease of use, it is obvious why the Twenty Twelve WordPress theme is ranked a top ten theme.