WordPress Themes for Business

Wordpress is on its way to becoming one of the most widely used CMS platforms on the internet. It is estimated that 60 million websites currently use WordPress. WordPress is no longer just for blogging. Many businesses are jumping on the trend due to the CMS’s intuitive interface, solid coding, and robust security features. Here, we’ll show you which themes are suitable for creating an attractive, engaging business site like the site shown here that helps individuals qualify for ...

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The Anatomy of a Great WP Theme

The great barriers between non-designers and designers have been lifted through WordPress. Now, anyone can build a website in less than a week just by using the WordPress platform. In fact, the platform is so popular that even major corporations depend on WordPress to handle their content and e-commerce. However, it’s not as simple as picking a free theme from the hundreds available out there and slapping some content on a page, in fact many sites use a completely custom ...

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