Custom WordPress Theme Used For Blogging Tips

Creating a custom WordPress theme may seem like a daunting task, according to there are a few things you should know before you get started.  They recommend that you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to get start with.  Photoshop is where you can create a design for your WordPress site before you begin with the programming.  Since your WordPress site is probably empty, it makes things easier to import some sample content.  You can learn more about coding your custom WordPress Theme here at

Regardless of your coding skills WordPress can make it easy to build a blog, the hardest part will be coming up with blog post ideas to create good content.  Regardless of of the content you want to make sure you engage your readers, never wanting to bore them.  Many experts believe your blog posts must be 500-1000 words to engage a reader, but how long is a 1,000 words?  Will it be a five or ten minute read and will they be scrolling for what seems to be an endless amount of time just to finish the article?  These are all things to consider as you create your blog posts and write your content.

If you decide to  start with a typical WordPress theme or if you decide to create a custom theme as in the case of you can be assured the the easy part is finished once the site structure is set up, next the fun begins.