A Top 10 WordPress Theme

A industry standard when it comes to design framework, the Genesis theme ranks number one in popularity.  According to search engine results, the Genesis WordPress theme was detected 5.77% of the time.  One such query for asknow psychics review, found this site that uses the Genesis theme.

The Genesis theme author is StudioPress.  StudioPress has been called “the “best of the best” among WordPress premium frameworks” by Mashable.  It’s easy to see why StudioPress themes have been used by ...

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Thematic WordPress Theme Review

The Thematic WordPress theme is a great place to start for a designer that wants to be creative with modifications. Think of this theme as a blank canvas to start your work of art, only limited by your imagination.  To see what this theme can be turned into,  take a look at this site that offers local seo services.

The theme is fully seo optimized and widget-ready, with 13 total widgetized areas to create the look and feel you want.  ...

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Influence WordPress Theme

The most exciting feature of the Influence theme is the over-sized home page slider, which is perfect if you are building a portfolio or business site, like this one that showcases string shelves.

The Influence theme was an easy choice for http://www.interiorhjem.com/ due to the fact that it is clean and simple to use on the front end and back end, with a four tab admin dashboard you can make customizations with out getting bogged down with needless options.

With ...

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Infoway Pro Responsive Theme

According to InkThemes.com, the Infoway theme is the fastest lead capture WordPress theme.  The top notification bar or otherwise know as the info bar is the highlight feature for the homepage, see the info bar in action on this site for home cleaning.

The notification bar can be used to alert your visitors of important announcements, then direct them to a page or post by providing a link.  http://www.maidservicehouston.com/  uses the info bar to let visitors know that ...

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Salient WordPress Theme Review

Chosen by https://synergymaids.com/, the Salient WordPress theme is an ultra  sleek fully responsive theme that is ideal for businesses looking for a futurist modern design.  A couple of the visual features that jump out at the site’s user, is the ability for the header and the logo to shirk  as you scroll down the page.  Check out an example of this feature here at this NYC cleaning service site.

Another feature of the Salient theme, is the ability to play ...

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WordPress Themes for a Cleaning Company

Cleanco WordPress theme, designed to be beautiful and ultra flexible for maintenance service, general service, maid service or a cleaning company.  Created to make it hassle free to launch your company website, the theme comes with visual layout builder, custom post, portfolio and theme options.

Cleaner WordPress theme, claims to have a sparkling, starched feel just like after a cleaning company leaves your home.  The theme displays a pure white background and images of mirror like surfaces, the ...

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SmartMag WordPress Magazine

The SmartMag WordPress theme used by http://www.kjokkenutstyr.net, is the perfect premium theme if you are creating a newspaper, blog, review site or magazine.  The clean and modern design creates a sharp look that is flexible with most applications.

SmartMag  comes with a drag and drop page builder that makes it simple to design unique pages, like this one that displays wine glasses.  The page builder allows you to use more than 11 special page builder widgets and seven block ...

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Supernova WordPress Theme

The Supernova WordPress theme was designed to be clean and crisp, an example of it can be viewed at  http://designstoler.net/.  Designed with blogging in mind, this theme is available in blue, black and orange.  The custom header and full slider accentuates the three page template.  Although the Supernova was built for bloggers, the clean design and customizable options can create a sharp looking site, for example this page that displays the Charles Eames collection.

According to a pingdom ...

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Genesis Metro Pro Theme used by MommyEdition.com

Built on the Genesis framework, this magazine-style layout highlights your online publishing with a spacious 1152 pixel-wide frame.  This Genesis Metro Pro WordPress theme is enhanced by sleek social features that will help build your audience fast.

With a wide range of widgets available, the homepage can be easily customized to display the content that your site needs, for example http://www.mommyedition.com/ uses the popular posts widget to create a visually appealing sidebar.  Some of these popular posts, are on ...

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Custom Design for Malta Immigration Site

http://www.maltaimmigration.com is a Malta immigration site with a custom design created outside of the WordPress platform.  This immigration site helps those that are interested in the Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP).  The IIP is an investment citizenship program that is recognized by the European Union.

The requirements to be considered for the IIP are outlined here MaltaImmigration.com. These standards are consider some of the toughest of any immigrant investor program in the world.  Clean criminal record, good health, ...

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Custom Theme with Bootstrap

Developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton, Bootstrap was originally named Twitter Blueprint.  Bootstrap was developed to clean up inconsistencies and encourage conformity across internal tools used for interface development.

“A super small group of developers and I got together to design and build a new internal tool and saw an opportunity to do something more. Through that process, we saw ourselves build something much more substantial than another internal tool. Months later, we ended up with an early version ...

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Deadline for TheHealthy.com

Created for news and magazine sites, Deadline is a premium responsive WordPress theme.  Clean and professional, this design helps your images, writing and video jump off the page.  An example of this theme in action is this page that show cases the best juicer on the market.  That page shows the clean crisp look of the Deadline theme as it describes the best juicers available.

http://www.thehealthy.com/ uses the Deadline theme to give advice on diet & fitness, food ...

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Site Design for OnSiteGas.com

This visually stunning design is a custom production used by http://onsitegas.com/.  They are manufactures of on site, oxygen and nitrogen generators.  After 27 years of business many of these original generators are still going strong.  Made in the USA, these precision-engineered systems are used around the world in some of the harshest environments.

These cost-efficient nitrogen generators use the latest technology, creating low operating costs that give the consumer a return on investment under 18 months. Oxygen generators ...

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Ultimo – Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

The Magento premium theme Ultimo, available at envatomarket, is a designer’s dream come true.  With over 11,000 sales, the Ultimo theme comes in as the number one selling Magento theme.  According to the theme’s website, Ultimo is suitable for every type of store and a starting point for custom projects.

Unlimited colors, brand logo, and custom sub-themes make this theme a must have for designers.  The “Multistore ready” application lets users install stores for all types of products.

The visual appearance ...

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Steam Magazine Theme For 4K.com

Steam is a premium, responsive magazine theme, used by 4k.com.  The features of this theme include, trending carousel with AJAX filter controls, carousel rotates previously selected posts, featured sidecar carousel along with many other robust features.  The Steam theme has an average 4.57 star rating based on 173 user reviews.  For the price of $58, this theme can be purchased in the evantomarket here.

4k.com uses this premium theme to wow their visitors as they display the latest TVs, ...

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Ya’aburnee Theme For Business Site

The Ya’aburnee WordPress theme is a magazine style theme with a minimalist design.  Responsive layout, unlimited colors, category templates, menu item colors, page builder, shop page, bbPress-ready and buddypress-ready are a few of the features of this theme, according to the Ya’aburnee themeforest site.

http://income.com uses the Ya’aburnee theme for it’s site that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners and others how to start a blog.  This theme creates a beautiful layout for income.com, as it show cases information on ...

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Custom WordPress Twenty Fourteen For Gaming Cheats

Sleek, modern and responsive describe this custom Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme.  This magazine style theme allows your home page content to be organized in a grid or even a slider.

“I have been using this theme since it came out on two of my websites. It’s actually very fast and not so cluttered like some other themes. I love the way it handles featured images as well.”  was one of the most recent five star reviews.    Other reviews claim ...

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Rocket Theme For Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Rocket Theme is a source for themes designed for WordPress, Joomla, and  Magento.  According to RocketTheme.com, they have an extensive collection or premium themes, each are built with usability and customization as a priority.

Although they are built with modern and responsive designs the themes can be easily modified to fit any blog design.  The framework is built on the robust Gantry platform which makes it easy to install and customize.

The Rocket Theme used by http://www.silverolas.com/ maintains a clean ...

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Custom WordPress Theme For Electronics Repair

This custom WordPress theme designed and used by a Long Island iPhone repair company, is a sleek master piece of code that any business would be proud of.  Winner of the 2014 TopConsumerReviews.com iPhone Repair Center of the Year, https://www.repairsharks.com boasts a great reputation along with some great customer reviews.  In many of the customer reviews it is repeated how friendly and helpful the staff at Repair Sharks have been.  Melissa from Great Neck, NY reports how she ...

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WordPress Theme For Camping

The custom WordPress theme used by http://www.campingtentsforsale.co.za/ is a clean blog look that does a great job combining their posts about camping tips with their tents for sale.  Some of the articles posted are “Buying a tent”, “Camping equipment every person should own”, “Keeping the bugs at bay”, “Camping tips” and “Camping safety”. The theme set up, clearly divides the blog from the camping equipment for sale.

The theme has three plugins installed, Aliplugin, Social Media Feather and ...

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WP Amazillionaire Theme Jumps Right Out

A WordPress theme that helps the creator put together Amazon affiliate sites with SEO integration.  It allows the owner to post Amazon products straight from Amazon to the users site.  According to the WordPress author of WP Amazillionaire, the theme allows you to quickly convert your site into a review site.  The theme layout and color scheme can be controlled through the WordPress theme.

WP Amazillionaire is the WordPress theme used by http://www.jumpingshoes.net/ to show case their low impact, ...

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Custom WordPress Theme Used For Blogging Tips

Creating a custom WordPress theme may seem like a daunting task, according to lifehacker.com there are a few things you should know before you get started.  They recommend that you have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to get start with.  Photoshop is where you can create a design for your WordPress site before you begin with the programming.  Since your WordPress site is probably empty, it makes things easier to import some sample content.  You can learn more ...

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Twenty Twelve Classic WordPress Theme Used For Review Blog

Looking great on any device the fully responsive WordPress theme 2012 makes this reviews site standout.  The outstanding features of this theme include an optional display font, optional no-sidebar look, styling for post formats and a widget rich front page template.  Easily create custom menus, background and header images to suit your style or design.

Some of the top reviews of this theme claim that it is by far one of the best themes ever used due to how easy ...

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WordPress Themes for Finance

There’s just no denying that anyone who wants to get anywhere in the 21st century simply must have a solid, memorable internet presence. As the internet continues to rapidly overtake other communications systems and media platforms for daily personal and professional life, the need for that presence online, providing that lasting impression, will only intensify from now on.

Among many fields, this is becoming especially serious for financial professionals. Being a business of numbers to begin with, computers found their calling ...

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WordPress Themes vs. Templates

Is there really a difference?

Although the terms sound suspiciously alike, WordPress themes and templates are two different animals. To add to the confusion, the application throws page templates and theme frameworks into the mix. Each of these are built on WordPress, this does not include custom templates built outside of WordPress like this custom minecraft hosting site.

WordPress Themes

What other website creation tools normally call templates go by the name of themes in WordPress. These are what control the overall ...

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